Library's Annual Report

Here are some highlights from last year's report:

Library Collection:

18,388 printed books currently in our collection (childrens, young adults, adults)

Access to 49,444 EBooks through the OverDrive/Bridges/Libby App (free of charge)

899 DVD's

597 CD's

59 Magazine Subscriptions

Access to Public Computers:

7 Computers available to patrons

1 IPad available for use in the library (kids' educational games)

1 Childrens' Awe Learning Computer for use in the kids' area

Computer Visits (use): 1907

Total Circulation of Materials (checkouts):

Adult Books: 6331

Young Adult Books: 182

Childrens' Books: 6181

Magazines: 395

DVD's: 289

E-Books: 534

Books Loaned to Other Public Libraries: 217

Coon Rapids Public Library Website Visits: 1979



The Coon Rapids Public Library's Annual Survey Report includes statistical and financial data, and was approved by the Public Library Board on Oct. 9, 2019.  
Data submitted in the Annual Survey is used on the local, regional, state, and federal levels.  
The public library annual survey:
Gathers current information about public service outlets, holdings, staffing, income, expenditures, circulation, services, and hours open.
Collects data that is used at the local, regional, state, and national levels to compare library performance, justify budget requests, track library data over time, assist in planning and evaluation, and provide valuable information for grants and other library programs.
Is authorized by Iowa Code 256.51 (1)(h).
If you would like a full copy of the Library's Annual Survey, please call 712-999-5410 and ask the staff for a copy.