Faxing Service

The Library has a fax machine available to the public.

Faxes may be both sent and received.
There is a fee of $1.00 per page to send or receive a fax.
Pages must not be bent or folded in order to feed through the fax machine--if you have folded your pages we will be able to copy those pages for a fee in order to send.
One-sided pages only can be faxed through our machine (so if you do have two-sided pages, you will need to bring a copy of those pages or allow the library to copy those pages for a fee) in order to send legibly to recipient.

To receive a fax, let the sending party know our machine can't receive faxes sent via computer programming and will need to be manually sent through the sending party's fax machine.

To receive a fax call the Library at 712-999-5410 to set up the fax machine.  
The fax number at the library is 712-999-5411.
Faxing available during library hours only.
Library staff will handle all faxes.