Library Card

All persons in a serviceable area will be issued a borrower's card upon application without a fee.

A photo ID is required to fill out an application.
The application card must be signed at the library by an adult.

The library will require other forms of ID if the photo ID does not have the applicant's current physical address on it.  We do require a valid mailing address as well as a valid phone # to contact the applicant.  If these are unavailable we will be unable to validate a library card.

Persons under age 16 must have a parent’s signature.
Signing the application card means the patron agrees to the lending policies of the library and accept responsibility for items checked out from the library.  
Each person will be issued a bar code which remains at the library and will be used for all checkouts.

How to use the library card:

Items are checked out for 2 weeks, this includes Books, Magazines, Books on CD, CD’s and DVD's.
Patrons in good standing (after probationary period limit which is 2 items limit for 6 mos.) may checkout at any one time:
10 books
4 compact discs
6 periodicals
4 DVD's
Up to a maximum of 20 items.  These totals may be changed at the discretion of the director.

Reserved items may not renewed.
Most items may be returned to the library during regular hours or put in the drop box when the library is closed.
Items may be renewed for an additional 2 weeks unless it is on reserve for another patron.
Items may be renewed by phone.
There are no overdue fines for books, magazine, CD’s, or books on CD. We do have a conscience box that may be donated to if the patron wishes to do so for these overdue items.
Overdue DVD fines are $.25 per day.
Patrons will be charged replacement cost on all lost materials.
Charges for damaged items will vary with the extent of damage--that amount will be determined by the Library Director.
Patrons that are not in good standing with the library because of overdue items will not be allowed computer access until the items have been returned or paid for.
Books will be reserved upon request from a patron. A waiting list will be on file at the library.